Martin Rossall is the father of twin daughters, Emily Rossall and Rebecca Rossall. He was married to their mother Anthea Rossall (nee Anthea Field) but is separated from her, which was difficult enough at the time, but even harder to leave his daughters behind.

At that time Martin was forced to focus on providing an income due to the constant financial demands by Rebecca & Emily's mother and was financially unable to fight a legal battle for access, which she had no right to withhold. Once he was finally in a financial position to challenge the lack of access, Martin was advised that he had waited too long and that any legal battle would be futile. So now Martin has no choice but to wait until Emily and Rebecca make contact, or until you are old enough for me to talk to you without your mum being able to stop us talking.


Rebecca & Emily: if you are reading this, please contact me? 07702038558

I have missed you, and thought of you almost every day, and messaged you on your iPods whenever I could ... I'm sorry I had to leave, and that I couldn't be there for all the important parts of your lives so far, but when you get in touch you will give me the chance to give you my side of the story with nothing left out or held back - and remember, there are always two sides to every story.


I love you, always, and for ever,

Daddy xxx